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#MAGMEETS INTERVIEWS - Finalist for The Best Use of Social Media - TIARA Talent Acquisition Awards. Finalist for Recruitment Marketing Campaign - In-house Recruitment Awards

  • Claire Wise, our Talent Director talks all things MAG with our Chairman! Mark shares with Claire….. ⭐ What you can expect from the man with his name above the door ⭐ Why MAG is such a great company to join ⭐ Mark's views on equality, diversity, and inclusion ⭐What happens at 5pm on a Friday when it comes to unwinding

    #MAGMEETS - Mark Allen


  • Claire Wise, our Talent Director finds out what the future has in store for MAG with Ben Allen, our CEO. ⭐ How transferable skills have never been so important ⭐ ED&I - we pledge to show it, not just lip service ⭐ Find out why Ben moved from law to media Plus much more!!

    #MAGMEETS - Ben Allen


  • Not all women will have children, but they WILL go through menopause - Natalie Valios rightly points out why it’s so important to have a workplace menopause policy alongside the maternity policy which all companies legally have. Claire Wise, our Talent Director talks with Lizzie Conetta and Natalie Valios about how you can support family, friends and colleagues experiencing menopause. This special edition is Sponsored by our Gender Equality Network

    #MAGMEETS - Menopause

    Diversity & Inclusion

  • It is NOT easy being a leader in today's world. Fact. Is kindness a sign of weakness in leadership? Should the next automatic step in your career always be management just because you are successful in your current role..... Claire Wise, our Talent Director was fortunate enough to speak with Daniel Smith, Managing Director of MA Agriculture, home of Farmers Weekly for a #MAGMEETS - LEADERSHIP SPECIAL! Why did Claire want to do this? Because Dan has just been named as one of the 50 "Leading Lights" for Kindness and Leadership in association with KPMG so why on earth wouldn't she want to find out his secrets?! Discover - ⭐ Did Dan always want to be a leader? ⭐ Key skills which make a respected leader in today's multi-generational world. ⭐ Can you be kind and be a strong leader? BONUS - head to 8 minutes 27 seconds to answer in the comments what YOU think about Dan's leadership skills if you know him β¬‡οΈπŸ˜‰β¬‡οΈ he has set it up as an open goal... We give you #MAGMEETS - Dan Smith, Leadership Special

    #MAGMEETS - Dan Smith

    Managing Director, MA Agriculture

  • #MAGMEETS - Victoria Hart Discussion: The Future of Our Industry! Claire Wise, our Talent Director wanted to find out more about how communities are shaping the future of our industry and who better to talk to than Torie, our very own Community Manager here at Mark Allen Group. πŸ’« What exactly is a community? πŸ’« Why are communities important? πŸ’« Are communities the future of our industry? Claire was also keen to ask her in light of the fact we have just opened up the application process for our graduate scheme πŸ’« Why did you choose us over all the other graduate schemes? A really interesting chat! BONUS MATERIAL: Torie shares some advice about standing out when applying to a graduate scheme!

    #MAGMEETS - Torie Hart

    Community Manager

  • In this exclusive 10-minute coffee break chat, Claire Wise our Talent Director discovers what made James' crowning as the Mark Allen Group Employee of the Year possible. They delve into the evolution of sales and what makes a successful salesperson in this fast-paced world. We discover that Claire can't spell as referring to the sales mantra ABC as "always be listening". An insightful and entertaining watch!

    #MAGMEETS - James Cockburn, Employee of the Year

    Commercial Director, PrintWeek

  • When you join Mark Allen - we don't just celebrate pride month.... we celebrate pride EVERY month! 🌈 How incredible was our Pride Pride picnic yesterday? πŸ³β€πŸŒˆ We came together and we showed our support for those in the LGBT+ community at Mark Allen. β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ Simple ❀ πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ For those who couldn't make it, and for those wondering what I am talking about, MA Pride 🌈 is a network of LGBT+ employees and allies within the Mark Allen Group and we are on TOUR of all of our offices! First stop - Brockwell Park, right next door to our London HQ We joined together, thanks to our Pride event organiser Astrid and had a complimentary lunch (thanks to our wonderful sponsor Stuart and our CEO Ben who came to join in with the fun) We mingled, we laughed, and I think some of us perhaps caught the sun πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ #MAGMEETS (a very special edition, alfresco!) - MA PRIDE 🌈 and this is what Pride means to us here at the Mark Allen Group......

    #MAGMEETS - MA Pride 🌈

    Diversity & Inclusion

  • Can you honestly say you wake up excited every day to go to work? Quite the statement, huh? Simon Bonell does. Claire Wise our Talent Director, presents this edition of #MAGMEETS to highlight what a career in events and sales is REALLY like and. We talk about.... ⭐ What a day/year in the life of an event sales professional looks like. ⭐ WHY this career path is ridiculously rewarding and satisfying ⭐ Tips to become an Event Director And for those who know Simon (he can't go 5 minutes without talking about the showπŸ˜‰) I do let him have 30 seconds to share what is coming up for the Engineering Design Show (EDS) 2023 after the phenomenal success of this year's exhibitions

    #MAGMEETS - Simon Bonell

    Event Director

  • Claire Wise, our Talent Director meets Andrew Meredith. Imposter Syndrome..... who'd have thought this beast had veered its head in the direction of our very own Andrew Meredith, editor of Farmers Weekly 🚜 This edition of #MAGMEETS isn't one to be missed if you are wondering where to start and how to get to the top of your editorial career. Andrew shares how he became the editor of one of the most well-known and respected titles not just within the Mark Allen Group portfolio, but across the UK and beyond! Teaser - "I'll be honest with you, Claire it started out as a bit of a jolly..." A young, enthusiastic Andrew left the farm and it only confirmed his passion for writing further. Find out more about Andrew's relatable editorial career on a hugely influential title and how THISπŸ‘ COULD πŸ‘ BE πŸ‘ YOUπŸ‘

    #MAGMEETS - Andrew Meredith

    Editor, Farmers Weekly

  • Claire Wise, our Talent Director meets Julie Knox. Julie is our Event Manager for our MA Business division here at Mark Allen Group Julie shares... ⭐ Experience isn't always everything, transferable skills shine through ⭐ A career in events is a lot of hard work, but ABSOLUTELY worth it ⭐ How events have evolved in the last 2 years ⭐ ...and how she is known as Jolly Julie! #MAGMEETS - Julie Knox

    #MAGMEETS - Julie Knox

    Event Manager

  • Claire Wise, our Talent Director , meets Emma Blick! An INCREDIBLY talented salesperson who has moved across the company office-wise (Dartford and London) AND industry-wise! So for this edition of #MAGMEETS, Claire asked Emma... ⭐ Was it easy to progress in sales your career and move around the company? ⭐ Did you feel supported professionally and personally when taking on a sales new challenge in a different office? ⭐ And for all our wonderful new starters in our sales teams, keep watching as Emma gives out some INVALUABLE advice on how to make sure you enjoy a successful sales career.

    #MAGMEETS - Emma Blick

    Commercial Manager

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